Bean Bag Filling Guide

Filling your bean bag the easy way, the tips that will save the day!

All of our bean bags come with instructions and show how to open, close and secure the safety zip required for sale in Australia.

If you didn't receive a copy of these and would like one, please use Contact Us. You may also email sales& or call us direct on 0422702412 and we will be more than happy to supply to you a digital copy of these totally free as part of our standard customer service. 

Zip Operation and Use

All bean bags sold in Australia must by law be fitted with a childproof safety zip, you will see that all of our bean bags have this zip fitted.

Please ensure you follow the image below to operate your zip. A childproof zip may be closed without a lifting the safety bar, but cannot be opened without this safety feature being disengaged by lifting the small bar within the zip slider itself.

Bean Bag Childproof Zip Operation Image

We recommend

  • Two people filling the Inner Liner. Attempting to fill on your own may result in a physical injury.
  • Fill the Inner Liner indoors with the doors and windows closed (the wind is your enemy when using EPS beans).
  • A wide mouth funnel or a bucket (or similar) with the bottom cut out, will make it easier to pour in the beans, you can buy these from any Supermarket or Hardware store.
  • When filling your bean bag, half fill the Inner Liner then insert into the Outer Cover. Next align the zips of both liner and outer cover, hold both firmly with opening to the top and gently pour in your desired quantity of the beans whilst testing for feel and comfort. 
Work up to the filling volume slowly and test periodically for comfort, its easy to add more rather than having too much filling. 
  • Fill the bag to your desired comfort level, however check the recommended approximate litres on the base of the drawstring bag or online, you'll also find them in our Product Brochure. 

Handy tip for Static removal when using EPS beans

Adding a teaspoon or 2 of any flour/ fine powder to the bag of beans BEFORE emptying it into the inner liner can reduce the static. 
  • We recommend to NEVER fill a bean bag of any kind outdoors, as the wind, even on a non-windy day will cause chaos with all the beans.
Reminder - Make sure BOTH zippers on the Inner Liner and Outer Liner are fastened correctly, fully closed and REMOVE the paper clip so the child safety zip is able to be correctly used and your bean bag is deemed safe.
These zip's are installed for the safety of small children as per the Australian safety standards, Not removing the paperclip may deem your bean bag UNSAFE.