Collection: Water Chair Floating Pool Bean Bag

Water Chair Floating Bean Bag

Imagine floating around and relaxing in your pool, soaking up the sun!
We can make this a reality with our brand new Water Chair floating bean bag!
Keeping you dry with your feet dangling in the water, AMAZING!.
This brand new amazing bean bag is made of high quality UV protected, water resistant PVC Backed Polyester. 
With our updated fabric choice you are able to sit on it whilst on the water and keep your rear end nice and dry.
Simply fill it up and you'll never have to blow up another pool chair!!
It can help you float anywhere! Pool, Ocean, Lake or down the River, in our case the mighty Murray. Fill this chair with EPS Beads only for maximum buoyancy and mould resistance (approx 200ltrs).
The water chair is completely PVC Coated mesh on the underside so once out of the water it will quickly drain and fully dry out . Fully open means no mould build up and easy cleaning, you simply hose if off.
For ALL water use, why not invest in a quality product that will not go flat and can be used for many Australian Summers to come!

"We're the best friend for your rear end"