Collection: Water Lounger Floating Pool Bean Bag

Imagine yourself relaxing on one of our specially designed water floating bean bags.
Both the fabric & mesh are made of high quality UV stabilised, quick dry fabric.
It can help you float anywhere! Pool, Ocean, Lake or down the River, in our case the mighty Murray.
Our loyal customers have reported 10 years of loyal service, with our water loungers still looking as good as the day they purchased them!!
The coloured end sections are filled with polystyrene beans in a mesh bag, so the lounger can float. Handles at each end means you can carry it, hang it to drain and store it when not in use.
You may like to lay on it from end to end, but you can also turn it to the side and allow the floating sections to come under your arms. Which allows you to keep your hands free for other activities.
The Lounger is completely PVC coated mesh on the underside and middle, so once out of the water it will quickly drain and fully dry out. Fully open means no mould build up and easy cleaning, you simply hose if off.
Simply fill and forget for a portable, lightweight, washable, long wearing and comfortable multi use lounger in lieu of plastic, air filled, deflating and popping options.
For ALL water use, why not invest in a quality product that will be used for many Australian Summers to come!

"We're the best friend for your rear end"